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Camp Kaleidoscope Fund Raising

Raising funds for Camp Kaleidoscope this year has been tough…our Fundraisers have been lower, Donations are down, Not all Grants have been successful…
We are trying to come up with inventive ways of making funds:

  1. Camp Garage Sale – we will be holding this on August 4 & 5 – 4-7 PM at our camp school, St. Paul Catholic High School (26 75 Draper avenue) in the cafeteria – so we are looking for donations that can be received anytime from now to the sale! Donations can be dropped off at Children at Risk on Donald Street (call to set a time) or at Camp Monday-Friday. Or I can pick up donation too! As we are in a high school – we have lots of space to store donations! You can also join us to shop - plus we could use 2-4 Volunteers too!
  2. We are gathering pop cans, beer cans, beer, wine & spirit bottles – to turn in for cash!
  3. We could use donations of Canadian Tire dollars or cards (as these incentives are now being put on a card) – today we just found out that one of our outdoor wading pools is leaking – so has to be repaired or disposed of – and our compressor pump may be unrepairable after lots of use….

Let us know if you can help!

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Our Mission

Provide services and programs to families of children diagnosed within the Autism Spectrum Disorders to develop their child's behavioural, communications and social skills, and to advocate for their ongoing needs.

Our Activities

Our Community–Based Special Projects are financed through donations and fundraising. Nominal fees are charged to cover registration and operating costs.

President's Message

The dog days of summer will soon be upon us, but there is no rest for our busy crew. We are excited to be running Camp Kaleidoscope for our 6th summer! It appears that we may break our previous record for Camp K attendance again this year. We are so grateful to all the support we receive to make this camp a success. The feedback we receive from Campers and their Parents confirms that the Camp is providing a much needed service to our community. We are also finding a good turnout for the Family Fun Night, Saturday Fun Club and Typical Teens. We are pleased to be able to provide the children and their families with these respite and social activities. The costs of these programs continue to rise and although we are thankful for the current fundraising and donations we receive, we are looking for new and sustainable sources of revenue. I will be discussing some initiatives we would like to pursue for more sustainable funding at the Annual General Meeting (AGM) on June 15th. We will be reaching out to our members for ideas and support on these initiatives. I hope we will see many of you at the AGM. Keep Cool!

Mark Lalonde,

Board President

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