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Halloween Fun!

Local Celebrities Celebrate All Hallows Eve by “Carving for the Cause”

October 23-26, 2014

HOW Bidding Works

Thank you for joining our On-line portion of the Celebrity/Business Pumpkin Auction for 2014. This auction is unique in that bidding is not limited to or ends On-line. What does this mean for you?

  1. You are not only competing with bids placed by other On-Line Bidders but also bids are placed at one of the four mall locations in Ottawa. The Mall Managers update the On-line bids with the Mall bids so that the highest bid value is up to date.
  2. You can choose to bid only on those Pumpkins at your nearest Mall by clicking on the Mall Name to the left of the page. Otherwise you can check out all pumpkins. Each one will clearly identify where the pumpkin is located. See below for Mall details.
  3. At 2 p.m. on Sunday 26th October the On-Line auction will close and the Lead or Highest bidder will be emailed. This email identifies you as the current highest bidder not the ultimate winner.
  4. Mall bidding closes at 3.30 p.m. on Sunday 26th October. We suggest that if you do not wish to be outbid that you go to the location of your most valued pumpkin and continue bidding on the bidding sheets. If you have more than one Pumpkin bid and they are located at different malls, mention this to the Mall Manager and they will communicate your continued bidding with the other Mall Manager.
  5. In the event of a Bidding war between two bidders present, the bidding sheet will be removed 5 minutes before the end of the auction. At 3.30 p.m. the two bidders will be allowed to submit a blind bid for what they wish to bid for the pumpkin. The highest bid will be the ultimate winning bid. The value of this bid will be confidential unless the highest bidder provides this information to the 2nd bidder.
  6. If you are not out bid at the Mall and are the ultimate winner you will be contacted by 4 p.m. by telephone where you can provide your credit card details. Please provide the telephone number that you can be reached at this time. You then have until the Mall closes to collect your pumpkins unless other arrangements are made during the telephone conversation. Depending on these instructions we will either hold onto your pumpkin or dispose of it and mail your package if it is tickets etc.
  7. In the event that we have not been able to establish contact with you by speaking to you in person or you calling us back by Noon on Tuesday 28th October, you will have forfeited your right as winner and the Pumpkin and prize package will be offered to the 2nd highest bidder. The Children At Risk telephone number is 613-741-8255 or
  8. The value of the prize package does not include the value of the pumpkin unless it has accessories. In the event that your pumpkin rots and is disposed of you may be offered an alternative pumpkin but this is not guaranteed. You will get the decoration accessories as part of your package.
How can I pay for my Prize Package?

Children At Risk accepts Cash, Visa, Mastercard and AMEX for prize package payments.

Who are the Celebrity Carvers?

Newpaper, Radio, Television and Sports personalities along with Ward, Provincial and Federal Politicians and any businesses or private individuals that wish to participate have graciously taken the time to carve or decorate a pumpkin and provide prize packages to tempt bidders. All funds raised are to Children At Risk as all 3rd party companies have generously provided their goods or services.

Why doesn’t the on-line bidder win the prize?

Children At Risk’s on-line auction is different from most on-line auctions in that the auction does not end with the winning bidder on-line. At 2 p.m. on Sunday 27th Oct the highest bidder is announced on-line but bidding continues at the Four Malls for another 90 minutes allowing time for on-line bidders to get to the Mall to continue bidding. The reason for this is that pumpkins are perishable and we need winners to take them home with their prize package. We suggest that if you really want to win that you go to the Mall where the pumpkin is located and continue to bid there.

Why does the same person keeping out bidding themselves?

As well as on-line, bidding also takes place at the Malls throughout the period and these are added to the on-line bids by the Mall Managers under the Mall ID to keep the highest bid current.

What if I win the prize package and can’t get to the Mall before closing?

All ultimate winners will be contacted by Telephone. At this time you can make arrangements to collect the pumpkin either later that evening or from the Office on Monday or Tuesday.

What are the closing times of each Mall?

Carlingwood Shopping Centre - 6 p.m.

Lincoln Field Shopping Centre - 5.30 p.m.

Merivale Mall - 5 p.m.

Place D’Orleans - 5 p.m.

What is the location of each Mall?

Carlingwood Shopping Centre, 2011 Carlingwood Ave, Ottawa. K2A 1H2.

Lincoln Field Shopping Centre, 2525 Carlingwood Ave, Ottawa. K2B 7Z2

Merivale Mall, 1642 Merivale Road, Nepean. K2G 4A1

Place D’Orleans, 110 Place D’Orleans Drive, Ottawa. K1C 2L9

What happens if I can’t collect my pumpkin or do not want my pumpkin?

Pumpkins will be kept until Tuesday evening at the Children At Risk offices. After this time they will be disposed of. At the time of winning if you don’t wish to have the pumpkin please say so and it will be given to someone else. On occasions pumpkins rot and have to be disposed of during the auction period. This is outside of our control and we will try and replace it with another pumpkin but do not guarantee this.

Can I be mailed my Prize Package?

If you do not want the pumpkin and the prize package are tickets or easily mailed, these can be mailed to you at the discretion of the Children At Risk office. If decided after the Mall has contacted you on Sunday, please call them to make these arrangements at 613 741 8255.

How Bidding WorksHow Bidding Works

Lincoln Fields-Place Orleans-Merivale Mall-Carlingwood Logos Sue's Sweets Logo Pritchard Packaging Logo

Children at Risk, Ottawa presents their Ninteenth Annual Celebrity-Carved Pumpkin Contest!! This popular seasonal fundraising event is being held from Thursday, October 23 to Sunday, October 26. For over 35 years, Children at Risk (a local charity) has been providing supports to Autistic children & their families in the Ottawa Region – filling in ``the gaps`` in services available through government agencies.

2014 marks 19 years that enthusiastic and talented local Celebrities, Politicians, Media Personalities and Businesses have been helping to recognize October as Autism Awareness Month by carving orange orbs into gorgeous gourds! Veteran Carvers will be challenged by first-timers, with over 100 pumpkins being transformed in the name of charity!! Participants include Jill Skinner - Ottawa Police Services, City of Ottawa Mayoral and Councillor Candidates, Ottawa Senators, Ottawa 67’s, RedBlacks and Fury, MP’s John Baird, David McGuinty & Royal Galipeau, as well as MPP’s Lisa MacLeod, Bob Chiarelli, Marie-France Lalonde, Madeleine Meilleur & Yasir Naqvi to name just a few - plus many other local businesses, radio, television and newspaper personalities. Participants compete for the lucky “Top Thirteen” list of carvers for 2014 and a Trophy for the Top Carver!

The pumpkin creations will be on display at Merivale Mall after our Reception at 10 AM on Thursday, October 23 – then additionally at Carlingwood Shopping Centre, Place d’Orléans and Lincoln Fields Shopping Centre from Friday, October 24 to Sunday, October 26. Visitors to the Malls can vote for their favourite pumpkin or celebrity by donating spare change. Celebrities have also donated “Prize Packages” for silent auction bidding (on-site & on-line ) Our Auction Site this year is with:

vonality logo

With the support of the Celebrity Carvers and generous donations from our community, funds raised in the previous 18 years total over $105,043! All proceeds will help Children at Risk “fill in the gaps” in publicly-funded Autism services with their Community-Based Special Projects, which include Camp Kaleidoscope – our All-Day Summer Camp, Family Support Groups, Information Seminars and Educational Training Workshops. Children at Risk recognizes the importance of supporting the whole family as they cope with the daily challenges of raising an Autistic child. With the funds raised through events like the Celebrity-Carved Pumpkin Contest, these children can be provided with the best opportunities to achieve their maximum potential!



Other Participating Celebrities Include:

Carter & Sandra (KISS FM) Derick Fage–“Daytime” & Mr. Hollywood (Rogers TV) West End Academy Beauty School Ian Black, Chloé Fedio & Teri Loretto (CBC) Brother Bob & Nida (98.5 The Jewel) Lianne, Jeff , Melissa & Sarah (CTV Morning Live) Melanie & Cub (93.9 BOB FM) Jack May Chevrolet, Buick, GMC Jock Climie (CFL Alumni & TSN Analyst) The Morning HOT Tub (The New HOT 89.9) Joel & Mary Anne (Country 101.1 FM) Metroland Media (Kanata Kourier & Orleans News) 101.9 DAWG FM Shaun Van Allen (Ottawa Senators Alumni) Dean Brown (TSN 1200) Maria McRae–City of Ottawa Councillor, River Ward Stuntman Stu, Angie & Trisha – Mornings (Majic 100 FM) Pete & Wendy (boom Breakfast) Heather Ray & Dylan Black – (boom 99.7 FM) Lowell Green, Steve Madely & Shelley Mclean (CFRA AM) Jen Traplin & The LIVE 88.5 Startup – Katfish, Dave & Amal (LIVE 88.5) Ottawa Councillor Candidates Keith Egli, Mark Taylor, Jan Harder, Stephen Blais, R. Gordon Jensen, Penny Thompson, Roger Scharfe, David Abuwa, Jeff Morrison, Andrew Modray, Laura Dudas, Jody Mitic, Kim Shedrick, Scott Hodge & City of Ottawa Mayoral Candidates Mike Maguire & Darren Wood Tammy Wagar’s AVON, Speedy St. Laurent, Orleans Family Dentistry, Sue’s Sweets & Within The Grain, Ottawa Safety Council, Jim Durrell Capital Dodge, Hilton Garden Inn, Mortgage Brokers Ottawa Tiny Hoppers Riverside South, Findlay Creek, Barrhaven, Orleans, Kanata North & Bridlewood, Lisa Zanon-Speech Therapy, Kelly Eelhart’s Epicure Selections, Sky High Snow Removal, Wine Kitz Ottawa Iris, Western Union Business Solutions, Instead of Flowers, Cora’s Lincoln Fields, Earl Bullis Awards Il Paradiso Spa & Strandz Hair Design, Canadian National Institute of Health, Wine Rack Lincoln Fields, West End Academy Beauty School, PAM’s Coffee, Family Harmonies Familiales, Causeway Work Centre Sylvan Learning, Jennifer Chamberlain–Royal Lepage Gale Real Estate,Nyla Bloem Tutus, Molnar Painting Vito Pilieci, Wayne Scanlan, Joanne Laucius, Lynn Saxberg (Ottawa Citizen) Doc & Woody and Eric the Intern (CHEZ 106.1 FM) Bruce Garrioch, Michelle Walters, Tim Baines & Doug Hempstead (Ottawa Sun) JJ Clarke, Claudia Cautillo, Patricia Boal & Stefan Keyes (CTV Ottawa News)

Photo Opportunity

Celebrities have been invited, to deliver their pumpkin creations to Merivale Mall (Centre Court) at 10:00 AM on Thursday, October 23rd. Pumpkins will then be divided and transferred to Carlingwood Shopping Centre, Place d’Orléans and Lincoln Fields for Friday, October 24th with voting continuing until 3:00 PM on Sunday, October 26th.


Autism is a lifelong neurological, developmental disorder that now affects 1 in every 88 North American children, with 1 in 54 boys (boys more than 4 times more likely than girls to have Autism). With a new case every 20 minutes, these numbers reflect more children being diagnosed with Autism than with AIDS, Diabetes and Cancer combined! Autism impacts the typical development of the brain in the areas of social interaction and communication skills. Children diagnosed within the Autism Spectrum Disorders are often, without help, unable to speak, relate to others, be aware of dangerous situations and even play appropriately with toys. Children at Risk continues to help Autistic children and their families in the Ottawa area - solely supported on fundraising and donations. Children at Risk strives to address the gaps in government services for Autism, providing representation and community supports. Responding to the need, we piloted our 1st All-Day Summer Camp in 2011 and increased our spots yet again in 2014, 320% from 2011! Our Friendship Social Skill Therapy Support Groups help to provide the children with the tools to function in this complex world of communication and social interaction. Parents indicate that often this is the child’s first positive social experience! Our Sibling Support Workshops allow brothers and sisters the opportunity to understand their disabled sibling. Our Seminars explore existing and new interventions to provide information for parents, caregivers and professionals. Information and Knowledge can lead to Understanding and Support, assisting children with Autism so as to improve the quality of life for both the child and their family! Kids – Autism….Let’s Help!


Halloween Treat!

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