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Holiday 2020 Auction

Just a Reminder that the Auction is OPEN – and bidding has been brisk…! 😊 That being said – almost HALF of the 66 Items have NO BID YET…. :(

The Auction Site Link is

Email your bids to

With the LATE launch of the Auction – we need a LOT of help to spread the Word – tell Friends, Family, Neighbours, Co-Workers, the Guy walking his dog on the Street…send out by Facebook and Air Plane Sky Writing too! 😊

IF you want any items wrapped up in a basket for Gifting – this is on the House!

ALSO – we will do our BEST to help get it to you if you are looking to have them for Gifts!
We will confirm if you are the Winner – and give instructions for Payment – for ease Bank etransfers are the Best – but we can do credit card, cash or cheque too…

  1. IF you are keeping the Auction site open – make sure to refresh regularly – as it will become stale and you will NOT see the current bids!
  2. As we come down to the wire – we get a FLURRY of activity – so I will not be able to send you notices about losing your lead bid…so check the Site – OFTEN!
  3. **GREAT NEWS** I was able to add 24 new items since Launch on Saturday - make sure to continue to check the auction ALL the way through!
  4. This replaces our Autism Brunch Auction that always had close to 100 items!
  5. Minimum Bid Rise is now $5 – the $2 amounts we used to offer got very tough to monitor as the Auction was closing…keep in mind – you CAN bid higher than the $5 – and often a good strategy if you do not want to lose your Item!


IF you are NOT interested in the Auction but still want to Support - You can use the Canada Helps link below and immediately receive Your Income Tax Receipt by email. You could also call in a credit card to 613-741-8255 or use a bank etransfer to CLICK HERE TO DONATE:

ALSO – in the Auction (at the Bottom) you will see some of the Toy Pianos we were selling last year – we only have 2 Baby Grand left and 4 Table Top Red ones…they make a great Gift for young children!

FINALLY – we can launch our Holiday Auction!! Apologies for this Late Launch – but many things prevented sending it out earlier last week!!

We have only 3 1/2 DAYS to raise some Funds for Children at Risk’s Programs - PLEASE HELP!!

We have had Good Response to our Small Email Google Auctions – again We have tried to look at Items that work well with the Present Times – Foods, Home-Based Items and Merchandise – using some of the Gifts that we have already In-House to raise Funds!

We also tried to keep Prices reasonable – knowing that many are challenged with reduced job opportunities. WE WILL ALSO BE ADDING SOME MORE ITEMS LATER TODAY!!

Bids will be taken up to NEXT Tuesday, December 22 at 3 PM.

This is NOT an on-line Auction – we did not purchase the Auction Site this year to save some $’s. Bids are made only by email to our Offices.

Bids will be updated at least twice daily. However – at is a Google Link - everyone can log in to it and check out where the Bids are at!

The Auction Site Link is

Email your bids to

Quote the Item # and your bid – please respect the Minimum Bid Increments (but you can bid higher than those!). If you are outbid – We will email you – but you can also check out the Auction Site to see where bids are more rather than wait for email updates. We also encourage you to send the Auction Link to Family, Friends, Co-Workers, and other Supporters! As this is last minute - PLEASE check it out and Bid, Bid, Bid! 