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Below is a list of all the games Children at Risk is scheduled to work this season. Please check your schedules and let me know if anyone can help out at any or all of these games by calling 613-741-8255 or email us at

Next game is Monday, March 25 VS. Devils (7:30 PM game)
Volunteers need to arrive by 5:30-6 PM


  • must be at least 16 years of age or older (but 16-18 teens must be very mature) - note that high-functioning ASD teens can come with a parent to sell as a team and get volunteer hours!
  • need to arrive 2 hours before the games (5 PM for the 7 PM games and 5:30 PM for the 7:30 PM games)
  • will be given free parking, pizza and a drink AFTER sales are done (I bring a bottles of water with me if you need refreshment during selling - no alcoholic drinks allowed while selling)
  • will sell up to the end of the 1st intermission and part way into the 2nd period of play, then cash out before leaving or staying to watch the game - floats are supplied by Children at Risk.

Regular Season Gamesbr/> (needing 15 Volunteers/Game)

Thursday, March 28 VS. Rangers (7:30 PM game)
Saturday, March 30 VS. Leafs (7 PM game)

Tuesday, April 16 VS. Hurricanes (7:30 PM game)
Thursday, April 18 VS. Capitals (7:30 PM game)
Saturday, April 20 VS. Leafs (7 PM game)
Monday, April 22 VS. Penguins (7:30 PM game)
Saturday, April 27 VS. Flyers (7 PM game)