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The Harbour Harvest - Family Ice Fishing Derby and Brunch

The Harbour Harvest is a family and rookie friendly Ice Fishing tournament


  • a delicious brunch in the Harbour View Hall at the Galley Restaurant in the Nepean Sail Club in Ottawa!
  • No fishing license is required! We are an official OFFE event!
  • Holes drilled for you, and equipment available on site for anyone who doesn’t own their own. We will also have some bait and lures (or bring your own).


  • $300+ Trophy for 1st place (Longest live fish), and $200 for person with most species caught (if a tie, we will use total length of fish - must be alive and only one of each species will qualify - ie. you can't use two pikes).
  • Every registered/paid participant will receive a ticket for door prizes

How It Works:

  • Check in starts at 7:30am at the main entrance of the Nepean Sailing Club.
  • This year we will be spread out throughout the harbour - sites will be marked by dock/slip numbers. This year we are trying a new system of "reserving your spot".
  • If you need gear you can add a fully rigged up "Harbour Harvest kit*" for $20 to your shopping cart before checking out (note that if you return the kit at the end of the event in good working order, we will give you a $10.00 gift card for Bridgehead or Canadian Tire or Cabela's (to be confirmed), or you can decide to keep the kit for yourself).
  • Organizers will drill your hole (max 2 per person). Limit is two lines/holes per angler (Ontario Fishing Regulations)
  • $1 each "additional" minnow or worm (limited quantities available)
  • Experts will be roaming to help with set up and advice (and creature handling if you wish).
  • Species that qualify include Pike, Walleye, Perch, Catfish, Crappie, Sunfish (Ontario Fishing Regulations page 88)

NEW! The "Harbour Harvest Kit" will include:

  • A bucket (seat and gear/fish carrier)
  • Two rigged up tip-ups (rods) with two options - a lure or hook with bait (minnow or worm).
  • Some other surprises/treats will be included!

Come for the entire day, or just drop in for a bite or two!

Ice Fishing 2018



The Winterlude Zone on February 10 & 11 will be fun outdoor activities -

Zone A) Ice fishing:
I was going to bring a couple manual ice augers (can be fake) to get people drilling (or spinning on their head to make them dizzy... pulling a sled to a spot to then tie a fishing knot, then come back to catch a fish (magnetic) that picks up business cards with discount codes on it some for 5%, 10%, 50% or 100% Some can have instant prizes... but I don't have that much to give away.

Zone B) Kin Ball ("inter-ACTIVE and Cooperative games") see this bottom section of this page/link for some ideas of what I hope to do here: (I have 2 of these balls)

Zone C) Pick up soccer (we will use a beach ball and a hockey net)

Zone D) Four way - Tug of War - I have this rope - it is fantastic for engagement.

Bilingual an asset – also needing someone to be a greeter and engage with the public.

Our zone needs to be in action 10am to 5pm on Sat and Sunday (10th and 11th)

  • morning 9:45am (setup) to 12pm
  • mid day 11:30am to 2:30pm (likely busiest time)
  • 2pm to 5pm

if people can email me at I can put their names in the schedule