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Key To The City


Key to the City!

It's a Coupon Book on a card! Unlock your City with the "key? to great savings! Save $ at hundreds of participating merchants with one little card! Many merchants offer 10% (some up to 20%) discounts - THAT CAN BE USED OVER AND OVER AGAIN (card expires March 31, 2013).

2012-2013 Key is only $20 - AVAILABLE NOW! With a card and 2 keychain fobs, one purchase can be used by 3 persons!! Children at Risk is currently has keys for sale - with a 50% return to the charity! The Key is so compact, we can even mail it out to you!

For sample Merchants Check Out "Key" Merchants at

Call our Offices at 613-741-8255 or email us at if you would like to purchase this item