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Children At Risk

Fall Raffle 2013

The once-again SOLD OUT Children at Risk Fall Raffle draw was held - October 1, 2013.

The winners are:

  • 1st Prize - Ticket # 2023 Lynda Warman
  • 2nd Prize -Ticket # 1444 Steve Maveety
  • 3rd Prize -Ticket # 4478 Andre Picard
  • 4th Prize -Ticket # 0598 Rita Battisti
  • 5th Prize –Ticket # 0453 Rubina Ramji
  • 6th Prize –Ticket # 3996 Deb Petelle
  • 7th Prize –Ticket # 2446 Jorge Soares
  • 8th Prize –Ticket # 0988 Maria Wodejko
  • 9th Prize –Ticket # 0196 Pramod Vasu
  • 10th Prize –Ticket # 3004 Dan Lafreniere
  • 11th Prize –Ticket # 2073 Christine Smith
  • 12th Prize –Ticket # 3440 Larry King
  • 13th Prize –Ticket # 0011 Carol Hanniman
  • 14th Prize –Ticket # 0539 Guy Falardeau
  • 15th Prize –Ticket # 2941 Kevin Skilliter
  • 16th Prize –Ticket # 0224 Mike Montsion
  • 17th Prize –Ticket # 4075 Barb Young
  • 18th Prize –Ticket # 2231 David Roytenberg

Many, many thanks to all those who bought and/or sold tickets for this Raffle - we so very much appreciate your support!

Yesterday I finally reached the last winner – so now we can send out the list! With everyone’s generous support and efforts, we are excited to announce that we earned over $7,500 for Children at Risk’s 2014 Camp Kaleidoscope!

Although it may seem like we just completed our Spring Raffle (just sent out the winners!) it is now time to gather Prizes for our Fall Raffle!

This year we are delighted to Welcome a donation from Porter Airlines Logo Airlines for 2 tickets for anywhere they fly!

Draw date has been set for Monday, October 1st to kick off October as Autism Awareness month!!

Proceeds will go towards Camp Kaleidoscope 2014.

We welcome any donations of merchandise and/or gift certificates from local businesses that you might be associated with or patronize. Attached is a letter of request that can be used - feel free to substitute your name if you are helping us gather prizes!! Receipt of prizes need to be in the next week or so - bit of a rush this time, but we have been consumed with Summer Camp and Prize gathering got delayed….

Once our tickets are ready, we would also be delighted to offer them for sale at $2 each, 3 for $5 or $20 for a book of 12. If you wish to purchase and/or take some books to sell for us - let us know! We will cheerfully send them out to you.

Hope to hear from some of you soon!!

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