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Eighteenth Annual Raffle


Winners  Winners

Although it may seem like we just completed our Spring Raffle (just sent out the winners!) it is now time to gather Prizes for our Fall Raffle!

This year we are delighted to Welcome a donation from Porter Airlines Logo Airlines for 2 tickets for anywhere they fly!

Draw date has been set for Monday, October 1st to kick off October as Autism Awareness month!!

Proceeds will go towards Camp Kaleidoscope 2014.

We welcome any donations of merchandise and/or gift certificates from local businesses that you might be associated with or patronize. Attached is a letter of request that can be used - feel free to substitute your name if you are helping us gather prizes!! Receipt of prizes need to be in the next week or so - bit of a rush this time, but we have been consumed with Summer Camp and Prize gathering got delayed….

Once our tickets are ready, we would also be delighted to offer them for sale at $2 each, 3 for $5 or $20 for a book of 12. If you wish to purchase and/or take some books to sell for us - let us know! We will cheerfully send them out to you.

Hope to hear from some of you soon!!

Raffle Ticket

Tickets are NOW available for our 18th Annual Fundraising Raffle! After many weeks of gathering quality prizes, we can proudly offer them for sale. The prizes are fabulous! As we are getting started somewhat late…we will need LOTS of help to sell out of our 6,500 tickets before the draw on June 9th!

I hope everyone can join me in trying to make this year a sell-out!! Unsold tickets represent lost Fundraising $'s for Children at Risk. Funds raised will support our Community-Based Special Projects. These include Sibling, Friendship and Family Support Groups, Summer Camp, Educational Training Workshops and Information Seminars as well as updating resource materials. These valuable activities receive no government funding and are supported solely through Fundraising efforts and Donations.

*Note: Tickets can only be sold to persons 18 years and older!

The Raffle will be drawn at 2 PM our Autism Community Annual Family Picnic – Sun., June 9, 2013.

Our Raffle offers:

  • Tickets $2 each, 3 for $5 or a book of 12 for $20!
  • Prizes worth a total of $9,998!
  • 36 draws, with an average Prize Value of almost $278 (1st half of prizes over $300 each!)
  • Maximum 6,500 tickets sold - That's just over a 1 in 171 chance of winning!
  • Minimum Prize Value of $25!


#1 1st Prize – EMOTO 2017 NIFTY RUNABOUT ELECTRIC SCOOTER (see attached photo!)
Environmentally-Friendly Two-Wheel Electric Scooter (Power Assisted Bicycle) for Two VALUE $1,243 (NOTE: Scooter was donated NEW last year, kept inside, battery charged valued at $1,699 plus taxes – as warranty is now over, value is lower BUT it still is a NEW item!)

5th – FAMILY FUN – CROWNE PLAZA, CITY OF OTTAWA, LOTUS CENTRE, GLUTEN FREE, MAXWELL’S & MONT CASCADES – 1 Night’s Stay, 1 Month Family Fitness, Gift Certificates Value $570

For tickets to buy or sell, contact our offices at (613) 741-8255, or by email, , and we can cheerfully send them out to you! We would only need for each family to sell 2 books, would sell out!


Gear Head Scooter