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Other Groups

Service Coordination If you reside in the Ottawa area, contact this number. Once they have received a copy of the doctor's diagnosis of your child, they can assist you in coordinating services to assist your child.

Contact: 613-748-1788

Special Services At Home This group provides funding for a variety of in-home services, for which you apply by contacting the phone number listed.

Contact: 613-787-3924 & 613-787-4062, Special Services Worker Bank: 613-748-1788

Child Development Services This group works in conjunction with the service coordination group to help provide long term services for your child.

Contact: 613-737-2393

Picture Card CommunicationLiving with and raising a son with autism has taught me many things. I have learned that every little thing my son has learned is very precious and an incredible gain towards meeting his full potential. Eric is now 18 years old. Everything he has learned, no matter how small, has had to be broken down into small, organized steps. Autistic children are usually visual learners and need their world to be organized, predictable and concrete. Their parents, teachers and many other professionals form a team around them. We all need to be very patient and understanding, and find ways to work with the many challenges that children with autism, and other social, communication and developmental delays have. Looking after my son took up all my time and energy. With every thing I have learned and observed about these many challenges, through raising my own son, participating in parent and sibling support groups, attending seminars and working with speech and language therapists, psychiatrists, psychologists, behavior therapists, occupational and physiotherapists, resource teachers, teachers and teachers aids over the years, I have recently developed a business to help parents and professionals. I make picture cards, puzzles, reinforcer puzzles, visual step-by-step check lists, daily schedules, concept cards and puzzles, etc. I can make these using the AWriting With Symbols 2000". This computer program is the advanced program, from the APicture Exchange Communication System@ and ABoard Maker.@ To this I can personalize each child/student`s program by using other pictures and photographs of his or her favorite foods, toys, videos and activities. I can adapt each child/student`s system to their changing needs. The picture cards, puzzles, etc. are all laminated and velcro is then attached to the backs of each card if needed or requested.For information on pricing, click here!

Contact: Marion Pusey 613-825-4803, This website, which can be found at, was developed by a local in-home therapist, as she found that there was a need for such a site to make it easier for parents and educators to be able to easily locate theproper resources. This site makes available a list of educational toys, educational aids, flash cards, books and more available for purchase through this website, as well as a list of links to a variety of other helpful websites.

Y's Owl Maclure Co-op Resource Centre The information on this group will be made available soon!!!