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Family Fun Night A.K.A. Parent Date Night

Children at Risk is delighted to continue this Support for the Autism Community!

Courtesy of initial Funding from the Ottawa Community Foundation Community Foundation Logo , we rolled out a Program called “Family Fun Night” – this is the name your children will know it by – BUT for you – our Parents – we are calling it “Date Night” for Mom and Dad or “Me Night” for Single-Parent Families!

Responding to our Parents (and supported by Research), Respite seems to be at the top of the list for critically-needed supports. But not just a break from your ASD child – but from ALL your children!! Go to Dinner, see a Movie, Visit friends, Shop or Attend a Party – or even just complete a Project – undistracted and uninterrupted!! No need to clean your house for a Baby-sitter – just drop off your children at our Offices – and enjoy up to 4 ½ hours of purely Adult time!

Activities include playing games in the gym, Nerf games, Wii, Kinect, making snacks, a movie for those that can sit through one. There will be Dedicated Staff for both Siblings and those with ASD. 6 p.m. to 10.30 p.m.

WHEN: Saturday, June 13, 2020
WHERE: Children at Risk, 235 Donald Street, Suite 209
WHY: Opportunity to offer Respite for your ASD child (ages 4-18+) and Siblings (ages 3-14+). We would have Gym games, scavenger hunt style games, glow in the dark activities for the first two hours and then settled down to a movie or gaming. For those that can't watch a movie there would be more Gym activities or crafts. We will offer snacks, but do request that your children have dinner before arriving!
HOW: Cost is $55 for each ASD child and $30 for each Sibling. If your ASD child has not attended our Summer Camp or Saturday Fun Club, we will need to arrange an Intake Meeting to properly document their needs. Please complete the attached Registration and Email back or Fax. If Siblings are attending, please also complete the Sibling Form so we have info on them too! We must have at least 20 children booked to offer this support. Booking and Payment will be required in advance – though we may be able to accommodate last minute Registrations depending on demand…

A current Children at Risk Membership ($40 per annum up to December 31, 2019 - $50 per annum January 1, 2020) with Pro-Rating to next January 1st date) will also be required for Insurance Liability purposes.

Once again, we have On-Line Registrations! Payments still must be done manually for now - but may soon also be available On-Line. We assure Families that their Information is secure with their Entries going to a PassWord Protected Google Drive. This method of Registration will hopefully be easier for many and will help to streamline administration in our Offices, as well. IF your technology or experience with On-Line Registrations presents a problem for you – please call our Offices at 613-741-8255 and we will work with you to complete the Registration. As long as we do not fill up fast - Registrations will be taken up to January 11th to guarantee a spot for the 1st Fun Club date of January 18, 2020.

Please use this Link to Register :

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