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Summer Camp

Volunteer Opportunities

Helping autistic children & their families have a fun & positive Summer Camp Experience

Goals: Children At Risk’s Camp Kaleidoscope

  1. Provide a fun and exciting summer camp experience where the issues that the youth experiences due to their autism spectrum differences disappear due to the assistance given by the Camp Counsellors, the Team Leaders flexible schedule of activities and the Camps over all supportive environment. This culminating in a better summer camp experience than they would get elsewhere and that any neurotypical youth would be jealous of.
  2. Provide a respite opportunity for parents where they have peace of mind that their child is being adequately stimulated in an environment of acceptance and tolerance. Allow parents to commit to work schedules, spending time with siblings, undertaking home projects all in the knowledge that they won’t be called to take the child home due to the issues that necessitates that they attend a Specialized Camp.
  3. To provide an environment for hands on training for anyone wishing to gain experience of how to work best with an individual on the autism spectrum. How to make them the most successful that they can be and get to know and love how funny, loving, intelligent and creative each individual can be. See the strengths rather than the perceived weaknesses. This is an ideal opportunity for those taking courses in childhood education, speech & linguistics, occupational therapy, social work, the medical field, DSW, Child & Youth Workers etc. to name just a few that would benefit from this training in the natural environment following an autism specific and non violence intervention training course provided ahead of Camp starting.

Therefore Children At Risk is looking to hear back from individuals who :

  1. Have a love or interest in working with youth with special needs, specifically autism.
  2. Are high energy and are into running around, getting wet and have a fun disposition
  3. Don’t mind assisting a youth who may need help dressing, eating and toileting regardless of age
  4. Can cope with relentless questions from campers who are verbal and can listen to the needs of those who are unable to express themselves verbally and translate accordingly
  5. Have patience, tolerance and can handle a stressful environment where things may go the opposite of what was expected but be able to still have fun doing it
  6. Can turn up on time and follow instructions from a team leader, be a good team player but use initiative to adapt activities to assist Campers be the most successful that they can whilst staying within the activities parameters
  7. Abide by the safety rules set by the camp by providing constant attention needed to deal with runners and campers with no safety sense
  8. Can complete the Camp Cousellor application form in its entirety and as instructed.

Camp Hours are : 8.45 to 4.15 with before and after care for those who are needed from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Camp Location is St. Paul High School, 2675 Draper Avenue, Ottawa, ON K2H 7A1. Not far from IKEA.

Training date of Thursday 7th July is compulsory as well as NVCI on Wednesday 6th July if you have not taken this course within the last two years.

Salary is based on youth, camp and autism experience for a 35.5 hour Monday to Friday week, except the 3rd August holiday.

Volunteer Application FormVolunteer Application Form